How Home Insurance Covers Liability Accidents During Family Gatherings

Family gatherings are often most comfortably celebrated in your own home. From birthday parties and holidays to weekend barbeques, gathering with friends and family is a favorite pastime of homeowners. However, unforeseen accidents can occur during these gatherings, leaving you, the homeowner, liable for the damage. Agents with Pete Webb Agency understand the importance of family gatherings in the Fredericksburg, VA area and want you to know the benefits of liability coverage with home insurance. 

Medical Expenses and Bodily Injury

Was someone hurt on your property? When someone visiting your home suffers bodily damage, you as the homeowner become responsible for the situation, although the accident was not intentional. Whether they are inside the home or outside on play equipment, your home insurance policy will protect you and your guest during these situations if you as the homeowner are found as negligent as the responsible party. Even if your guest has their own health insurance coverage, liability can still fall to you. 

Pain and Suffering

Should this liability accident find you responsible for medical expenses, be prepared for the additional costs associated with this claim. Many liability cases often include a settlement for the pain and suffering endured by the party injured in your home. Many times these settlements can cost as much as the medical expenses and always come in addition to paying those bills.

Lost Wages

Finally, should the injury that the party suffered at your home take them out of work for any length of time, expect this cost to be an addition to the other expenses covered in the claim. With liability coverage, you are not responsible for this cost out of your pocket.

Keep Hosting Your Gatherings

If you enjoy hosting your family gatherings, continue to do so with a home insurance policy that puts you at ease should an accident occur. Proudly serving the Fredericksburg, VA area, Pete Webb Agency has a policy available for you today. 

There is a difference between having insurance and being insured…

The business of insurance is a serious one. Most of us work hard each day to build our businesses, save for retirement, and provide for our families. The worst time to find out that your policy does not properly protect you is during a claim. What good is it to buy an insurance policy that does not properly protect the wealth you have accumulated? With that said, we suggest annual policy reviews. It is during these reviews we can identify any potential gaps in your insurance protection. Please give us a call at (540) 693-2720 to schedule a review of your policies.