What’s the Difference Between Classic Car Insurance and Standard Auto Insurance?

Can you picture it? You’re taking a little cruise around Fredericksburg, VA, with your shiny classic car. You’re participating in auto shows and enjoying one of your favorite things in life. If this sounds good, then you should probably learn about classic car insurance. It’s pretty different from normal car insurance, so the agents at Pete Webb Agency have put together this quick guide to explain the differences.

Out of Pocket Cost

Before we get into the details, remember that every insurance policy is unique. These are general guidelines, and specific cases can definitely be different. With the disclaimer out of the way, what surprises most people about classic insurance is that it tends to cost a lot less than standard insurance. The assumption is that a classic car is not driven as often as a standard vehicle, and that leads to lower premiums and deductibles. That said, if you drive your classic car on a daily basis, you need standard auto insurance rather than classic insurance.


The primary difference between the two policies is that they are intended to cover different things. The bulk of standard auto insurance is crafted around liability. The value of the car plays a part in your coverage, but there’s a lot more being factored into the equation. Because of that, standard policies rarely cover the vehicle for as much as you paid to get it. With classic insurance, liability risk is minimized. The policy is built around the current value of the vehicle, and that means it will pay out pretty much what the classic car is worth. Of course, the value of a classic car can change pretty quickly, so it’s important to regularly update your classic policy.

If you have a classic car, or if you’re thinking of finally pulling the trigger, talk to your Pete Webb Agency representative. They can help you look at different policies available in Fredericksburg, VA, and get exactly what you need