Will Home Insurance Cover Fence Repairs?

Good fences make for good neighbors… at least until that fence falls and you’re left with questions on who will cover the often expensive replacement or repair. Fences are wonderful additions to homes that increase your privacy and make it easy to keep kids and pets corralled. They can feel like an extension of your home but unlike most other of your home’s building structures, fence repairs are generally only covered by home insurance policies in certain situations. For more details, contact Pete Webb Agency in Fredericksburg, VA.

Nature-related vs. Neglect

Generally, whether or not your fence repairs will be covered by your home insurance policy hinges upon whether the damages are due to an act of nature or the neglect of general care and maintenance. In other words, if strong winds or hail damage your fence, then yes, homeowner’s insurance should approve your damages claim. However, if your fence fell due to something that could have seemingly been prevented with good preventative measures, like rot stemming from termites or mold, then your claim will likely be denied.

Tree-related: Healthy vs. Sick

One of the more common causes of sudden fence damage is damage caused by a fallen tree or branch. Tree situations are one of those things that can go either way. If the tree was healthy and was unexpectedly uprooted by a storm, then damages will often be covered. But if the tree, as with the fence, hadn’t been properly maintained and fell due to it being dying or ill, then fence repair or replacement will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Human-related: Vandalism & Vehicles

Generally put, if someone else damages your fence either with their car or by their own actions (like vandalizing with spray paint), then it’s them who will be required to pay for the damages via their own insurance. But if you can’t find them or are unable to pursue them for damages, then you can get coverage by filing a police report and submitting an insurance claim.

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