3 Ways to Keep Employees Safe in Your Virginia Business

Maintaining a business in Fredericksburg, VA requires the safety of your employees while they are on your clock. Below are three ways to keep them safe while they are working and aware of their surroundings from Pete Webb Agency. 

Stay Aware

First and foremost, make sure that your employees know that they are looking for and to stay alert while they are working. Knowing where the exits are and being able to see clearly from their work area is essential. Clue them in on signs of suspicious behavior from customers and be aware of who may be lingering in the area around the business. 

Create and Implement a Plan

Have safety meetings regularly with your employees to develop a plan if their safety is in danger. Whether it be an armed robbery or troubled person, develop a plan to alert others for help and stay safe until first responders can arrive at the scene. Once this plan has been outlined, have your team practice it periodically so that they know where the location of the telephones, panic buttons, and any other security features are in the building. 


For those businesses in Fredericksburg, VA that may have limited staff on a shift, it is smart to offer your team members self-defense classes to give them the proper use of the only resource they may have. In some situations, they may not be able to follow through with the plan and have only themselves for protection. Self-Defense classes give them a basic foundation of tricks to escape a situation so that they can get help. 

Have ultimate protection

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