What Constitutes Long Term Care?

Many people confuse long term care with a disability, even though the two are drastically different. The agents of Pete Webb Agency serve residents throughout the Fredericksburg, VA area. They understand the reasons behind long term care and why it is so important to have an insurance policy that covers it. Dealing with a chronic illness or injury can be a hardship in and of itself. Knowing that you are covered by insurance can relieve some of the stress and lighten the burden. 

Chronic Illness and Recovery

Chronic illness or the long term recovery of a devastating injury can require extensive medical care. In some cases, like with a stroke or accident-related, the recovery process can take months or even years. While extensive care may be needed in the beginning, as the patient recovers, the amount of care they need will decrease as their health improves. 

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is another form of long-term care that doesn’t necessarily have to do with actual medical care. As we age, there are times where we require assistance with basic, everyday tasks, like cleaning our home, bathing, cooking meals, or doing laundry. This type of long-term care allows an individual to live independently for as long as possible without having to leave their home and go to a nursing home.

The agents at Pete Webb Agency are available to answer all of your questions about long term care insurance and how having a policy will benefit you in the long run. If you live in the Fredericksburg, VA area, stop by the office or schedule a consultation today! An agent is always available during regular business hours and can provide you with the answers you need.