Why a Classic Car Owner Needs Insurance

For anyone that loves cars in the Fredericksburg, VA area, owning a classic or antique vehicle is an ultimate dream. While these vehicles can be a great addition to anyone’s collections, they are also valuable and unique assets that require proper insurance protection. To ensure that your classic car is adequately protected, there are several reasons why you need to get classic car insurance. 

Allows for Vehicle Appreciation

One of the unique features of a classic car is that it can appreciate in value. This compares to typical vehicles that depreciate. Due to this, you should get classic car insurance that provides protection for the full market value of the car. When you get a classic car insurance policy, you will receive an Agreed Value Replacement that will provide you with enough coverage to replace the vehicle and the asset value if it is damaged or stolen. 

Premiums Reflect Mileage

Another benefit of classic car insurance is that the premiums can reflect the mileage that you are driving. Most of the time, classic car owners will very rarely take their vehicles out onto a public road. Due to the limited mileage, you can accept a classic car insurance policy that will limit your mileage but will offer more affordable premiums than a standard auto insurance policy. 

Owning a classic car is a dream for many in the Fredericksburg, VA area. When you are looking for a classic car insurance policy in this area, you should talk to the team at the Pete Webb Agency. When you visit the Pete Webb Agency, you can receive the guidance that you need to choose the right insurance policy for your situation. This will ensure that the proper form of coverage correctly protects your valued asset. Contact our office to get a quote.