What to Expect from Home Insurance Coverage

As a new homeowner, you’ll have countless decisions to make concerning the care, safety, and security of your property. One of these decisions is choosing home insurance. At Pete Webb Agency, we understand that home insurance can be a confusing topic for new buyers. For this reason, we’ll take the time to explain how home insurance works and what to expect from your coverage. The more you know about home insurance protection, the smarter choices you can make to safeguard your Fredericksburg, VA property.

What Kind of Protection Does Home Insurance Offer?

A standard home insurance policy offers the following coverage: 

  • Dwelling
  • Additional Structures
  • Property
  • Liability


Dwelling insurance protects your home structure against damage from fire, rainstorms, windstorms, lightning strikes, and water damage from faulty plumbing. Virginia is prone to disasters like tornadoes, tropical storms, winter storms, and wildfires, which can severely damage or destroy residential property. If your home is damaged by one of these perils, dwelling insurance will help cover its repair cost. By purchasing enough dwelling insurance to cover the value of your home, you’ll have the compensation you need to rebuild it if it’s totally lost in a disaster. Extra buildings on your property that are not attached to your home, such as a tool shed, can be protected with additional structures coverage.


Property coverage protects your belongings to include clothes, sports gear, electronics, etc. When choosing property coverage, it’s important to estimate the value of your goods to ensure you have enough protection to cover their loss. 


If someone has an accident when visiting your home, you can be held liable for their medical costs. Liability insurance covers these expenses to safeguard your personal finances. 

To learn more about home insurance coverage and costs, call or visit Pete Webb Agency in Fredericksburg, VA at your earliest convenience.