4 Benefits of Getting Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic vehicle, you know that there are some unique circumstances that go along with your ownership. For one, you’ll need to have a specific type of insurance since your average auto insurance policies just won’t cut it. Pete Webb Agency of the Fredericksburg, VA area can help you get this situated.

Benefits of Having Classic Car Insurance

One of the top benefits of getting classic car insurance is that you’ll have liability coverage. All states require a minimum of this type of insurance if you’ll be driving the vehicle. When you have this, you’ll be covered if you’re found to be at fault in an accident.

With this insurance, you can preserve your automobile’s value. Upon signing up for classic car insurance, you agree on a replacement value for the vehicle. This is unlike what you have with regular auto insurance. You’ll be able to protect its unique value which in some cases may be substantial.

There are optional coverage options that are available to you when you have a classic vehicle. You may get coverage for spare parts, special repair parts coverage, roadside assistance, event-specific coverage which includes the cost of traveling,

Bring your classic car to shows all you want with the protection of a solid insurance policy. Your mind should be more at ease since you’ll know that those out-of-the-ordinary circumstances are considered in your auto policy.

Expertise and professionalism go a long way towards instilling confidence in an insurance customer. The Pete Webb Agency of the Fredericksburg, VA area and beyond does well to assist you with your classic car insurance needs along with a variety of other insurance products. Contact us to learn more today.