Types of Classic Car Insurance in Virginia

Classic cars are a unique kind of automobile with unique insurance needs. These are vehicles that are defined by age and use and often are just used as collectibles. 

At Pete Webb Agency, we want Fredericksburg, VA residents with classic cars to be protected against financial losses that could occur after a liability or risk. There are a number of different ways to protect yourself with classic car insurance.

Types of Classic Cars

There is no one kind of classic car, and that is what makes a classic car so special. Standard auto insurance is not enough to protect you from loss or damages.

Most kinds of classic cars will have a value that exceeds what it was sold for. That is how a classic car insurance policy is designed. You can get property damage and liability insurance for the following kinds of classic cars:

• Antique cars that are over 25 years old
• Hotrods 
• Exotic cars
• Sports cars

Types of Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance is designed to insure your vehicle whether you are using it or not. It is a policy that is generally designed with the tenet that classic cars are not to be used for everyday use. You would be permitted to use your vehicle on special occasions or for car shows, as would be stipulated by your insurance policy.

Your classic car insurance will provide the following coverage:

• Agreed value – This is the value of your vehicle that you agree on with your insurance policy.
• Repair or restoration – You can be covered for repair and restoration in the event that your vehicle is damaged.
• Specialized towing – Unique towing services are required for classic cars, and this can be provided by your insurance company in the event of an accident or damage

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