Does Home Insurance Cover my Pets?

Pets are part of the family. So it makes sense to keep them as safe as possible. And because many pet parents care about their pets, they have invested in pet insurance coverage to cushion their pets against diseases and accidents.

But what happens if your pet causes property damage? What if they cause injuries to other people? Does your home insurance cover? If you are in the dark regarding this issue, please keep reading as Pete Webb Agency of Fredericksburg, VA shares how home insurance protects you against pet damage. 

When your home insurance doesn’t cover pet damage

Suppose your furry friend shreds your curtains in one of her midnight romps. Or perhaps, your puppy rips through your expensive couch. Will home insurance cover the damage? The answer is no. Typical home insurance doesn’t cover pet damage for own belongings. 

Similarly, home insurance doesn’t cover structural damage from pets (just like it excludes pest and mold damage). So, if your dog or any other domesticated animal damages your fence or breaks your door, your claim is not likely to go through.

What pet damage does home insurance cover?

Home insurance comes in handy when your pet causes bodily harm or physical damage to other people. For instance, home insurance should cover medical expenses if your pet bites a visitor or a neighbor. Additionally, your home insurance coverage should pay for legal costs if you are sued. 

Besides, home insurance covers property damage caused by your pet. For instance, if your dog or horse tramples on a neighbor’s property, home insurance should cover property damage costs and possible legal charges. 

While home insurance doesn’t cover all damages caused by your pet, it shields you from liability damages, which tend to be expensive. But if you think your liability insurance isn’t adequate, you can boost it with umbrella insurance. 

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