Common Auto Insurance Exclusions

If you have invested in a car insurance policy from Pete Webb Agency in Fredericksburg, VA, you expect it to shield you from all risks. Unfortunately, just like other insurance coverages, car insurance has exclusions – and knowing these exclusions is as essential as understanding what your coverage covers. Below are typical car insurance exclusions.

Engine damage

If you collide with another motorist or stationary object, your insurer will compensate you if your engine is damaged in the process. However, if your engine suffers damage from an oil leak or water ingression, typical auto insurance won’t come to your rescue. Thankfully, you can boost your auto insurance by buying an "engine protect" add-on.

Personal belongings in the car

Should loss or damage occur to personal assets in the car, typical auto insurance is unlikely to compensate you. Your assets are covered by other coverages such as home or renters insurance.

Using your car for business use

If you have personal auto insurance, it’s unlikely to cover you if your car is damaged while carrying out business errands. That said, you should consider commercial auto insurance if you need to use your vehicle for commercial duties.  

Custom parts and equipment

Typical auto insurance covers items like GPS that come with the vehicle. However, typical auto insurance doesn’t cover custom equipment like detachable sound systems, custom seats, and performance enhancement mods. However, all hope is not lost because you can purchase an endorsement to cover custom equipment.

Drag racing

If you participate in car racing, your typical insurance won’t cover your injuries and damages to your car. In such cases, you need to purchase motorsports insurance to protect yourself when participating in car racing.

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