Types of Classic Car Insurance in Virginia

Classic cars are a unique kind of automobile with unique insurance needs. These are vehicles that are defined by age and use and often are just used as collectibles. 

At Pete Webb Agency, we want Fredericksburg, VA residents with classic cars to be protected against financial losses that could occur after a liability or risk. There are a number of different ways to protect yourself with classic car insurance.

Types of Classic Cars

There is no one kind of classic car, and that is what makes a classic car so special. Standard auto insurance is not enough to protect you from loss or damages.

Most kinds of classic cars will have a value that exceeds what it was sold for. That is how a classic car insurance policy is designed. You can get property damage and liability insurance for the following kinds of classic cars:

• Antique cars that are over 25 years old
• Hotrods 
• Exotic cars
• Sports cars

Types of Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance is designed to insure your vehicle whether you are using it or not. It is a policy that is generally designed with the tenet that classic cars are not to be used for everyday use. You would be permitted to use your vehicle on special occasions or for car shows, as would be stipulated by your insurance policy.

Your classic car insurance will provide the following coverage:

• Agreed value – This is the value of your vehicle that you agree on with your insurance policy.
• Repair or restoration – You can be covered for repair and restoration in the event that your vehicle is damaged.
• Specialized towing – Unique towing services are required for classic cars, and this can be provided by your insurance company in the event of an accident or damage

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If you have a classic car in Fredericksburg, VA, we can help you to design the classic car insurance policy for your needs. At Pete Webb Agency, we have been helping Virginia residents protect their classic and antique vehicles for years. Call us for a quote today.

What are my auto insurance requirements going to be in Virginia?

People that are in the Fredericksburg, VA area will find that owning a car is a practical necessity. As you are looking for a vehicle when you are here, getting the right insurance for it should also be considered a priority. When you are a vehicle owner, you are bound to have different auto insurance requirements. There are a couple of requirements in particular that are common for vehicle owners here.

Requirements Set by State Law

One requirement that you may have when you own a car in Virginia is the requirement to carry liability insurance. Drivers all over the state are required by law to carry at least some level of liability insurance, which gives support if you are at fault during a collision and need to cover damages. If you do not have the right coverage, you will be in violation of the law and could face some penalties. 

Requirements Set by Lenders

You should also get an auto insurance plan if you have an auto loan outstanding. The cost of a vehicle can be significant and because of this, many drivers will end up taking out a loan to buy their car. If you do take out an auto loan, you need to meet your lender’s insurance standards. This typically includes requiring you to have a full comprehensive and collision insurance plan as it will provide ample protection for your vehicle and lender. 

A car owner in Fredericksburg, VA will almost always need to carry auto insurance. As you are assessing your needs and options for this insurance, calling the Pete Webb Agency can be a good idea. There are many factors to assess when looking for coverage and the Pete Webb Agency can help you build a plan that will properly meet your needs. 

What are the benefits of long-term care insurance?

When someone is in the Fredericksburg, VA area, there are many forms of insurance to consider getting. One type of coverage that most people should consider getting is long-term care insurance, which provides insurance proceeds in the event you need long-term care. There continue to be different benefits that come with having this form of coverage.

Cut Down on Costs of Care

The main advantage of having long-term care insurance is that it can cut down on the costs of care. Receiving skilled nursing and other long-term care can be quite expensive. In many cases, seniors that need care can find themselves unable to pay for it. This can put a financial or another burden on family members. With long-term care insurance, you will know that you have the support you need to receive proper care. 

More Long-Term Care Choices

Another advantage of this insurance is that it can open up the opportunity for more choices. If you do not have this insurance, you may be limited to the places where you can live and services that can be received. However, if you are insured properly, you may have the insurance protection necessary to cover these increased costs. This will ensure you are able to live in a community that you enjoy and receive the care you need.

A long-term care insurance plan is a good investment for most people in the Fredericksburg, VA area. If you are looking for a new insurance plan in this area, the team with Pete Webb Agency would be a good group to contact. When you call the Pete Webb Agency, you can learn a lot about the benefits of this insurance coverage. This can help to ensure you are able to pick a plan that is right for you and your situation. 

Who needs to get auto insurance in Virginia?

The Fredericksburg, VA is a great place for people to move to as it offers a lot of opportunity for fun and to build a successful career. If you do intend to move to this area of the state, you will want to make sure that you can get around town. The most efficient way to do this is by purchasing a car. If you are going to be a car owner here, you will need to have an insurance plan for it for a few different reasons. 

Coverage Protects Car

Anyone that is a car owner is going to have a big asset that needs to be protected. A great way that anyone can protect their car is by insuring it. If you invest in a full insurance plan that includes collision and comprehensive coverage, you can be reimbursed for a variety of situations that could lead to a loss for you.

Coverage is Required

You should also consider getting an auto insurance plan as it is a requirement for many people. Those that are going to take out a car loan will have insurance requirements that are set by their auto loan provider. Even those that do not have a loan will at least need to have liability coverage, which will ensure they are in compliance with laws set by the state. 

As you are going to purchase a car in the Fredericksburg, VA area, getting the proper guidance to choose an insurance plan is very important. The team with the Pete Webb Agency will be able to give you the support needed to pick an insurance plan. The Pete Webb Agency will ensure you know all of your insurance options and can pick a plan that will give the ideal coverage. 

When Should You Review a Commercial Insurance Policy?

As a business owner in Fredericksburg, VA, who has acquired commercial insurance coverage from Pete Webb Agency, it is necessary to keep reviewing your commercial insurance policy to ensure you’re getting the most protection. Sometimes your company is growing, or it could be getting smaller, which means that the terms of your commercial insurance policy will be affected. But, when should you review your commercial insurance policy?

When Expanding or Downsizing

If your firm is expanding, you’ll obviously need to review your commercial insurance policy so that you can have a policy that is consistent with the size of your business. However, if you’re downsizing, you should call your insurance company so that you can reduce the premiums. You don’t need a high-value policy for a small business. 

After Purchasing New Equipment

If you have bought a new commercial truck, you need to review your insurance policy and call your insurance provider to inform them of the changes. Having additional equipment is defined as increased risk in your organization, which you must disclose. If you do not review your policy and inform your insurer of the changes, you might have a hard time convincing your insurer to pay for such equipment when disaster strikes. 

When Renewing the Policy

At the beginning of every year or coverage period, you don’t have to send a cheque to your insurance company blindly. You need to review your business thoroughly while at the same time contacting your commercial insurance company to ascertain whether there are any changes in the policy. This will keep you updated about possible changes to the policy, which will help you get maximum protection.

Pete Webb Agency is a responsible commercial insurance company that is helping business owners in Fredericksburg, VA. If you are looking for a commercial insurance policy, contact us today for professional advice and commercial coverage. 

How much life insurance is enough

Life insurance is one of the best gifts you can purchase for your loved ones. It says I am thinking of you even when I am no longer here with you. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanted to provide for their loved ones but how to do it is the issue. Life insurance is not something most people know a lot about. Having a trusted independent insurance agent can help. Pete Webb Agency in Fredericksburg, VA has a team of experts who are looking forward to helping you to come up with a life insurance figure you can live with. 

For a young unmarried person who is only responsible for themselves, life insurance needs are pretty minimal. This is the time of life to be thinking ahead since the rates for life insurance when you are young will usually be affordable. Having your eyes focused on the future allows you to invest in the whole life insurance or an annuity that will provide benefits farther down the road of life. If you get life insurance as a work benefit, it is probably enough to take care of any debt you have and your final expenses. 

The middle years of your life are where your need for life insurance will be at its highest. Once you have a spouse and children, you need to think about life insurance more in the present. How much money will they need to survive if your income is taken away? You need to multiply that by the number of years until your children are grown to come up with a figure that will be enough. 

When you retire you need to take another look at what insurance you have and how it can make your life better in these later days. 

Contact Pete Webb Agency in Fredericksburg, VA to discuss your life insurance needs and for assistance determining how much life insurance is enough. 

When should you review your home insurance policy

America is the land of opportunity and owning a home is one opportunity many people want to take advantage of. Once you have finally achieved this pinnacle of success, you need to protect your home. Buying home insurance is not difficult but it needs to be kept up to date with your life. It is not something that should never change. Having an independent insurance agent who has your best interest at heart helps. In Fredericksburg, VA that is the Pete Webb Agency. We are locally owned and operated and enjoy working one on one with our customers. 

Your income rises

When you make more money you should take a look at your liability home coverage. Being sued is all too common and protecting yourself against this possibility is important. Depending on how long ago you bought your original home insurance policy, it may be very much out of date with where you are financially today. 

You have more content

Everyone accumulates a lot of personal possessions. Making sure you have adequate coverage to be able to replace the things you own is important. If you have actual value coverage you may want to consider replacement cost. If you have acquired expensive electronics, jewelry, or art, you may need to add a rider to cover the mount beyond what your traditional policy covers. 

Home value has increased

The value of your home may have increased for a variety of reasons. Real estate values may have increased in your area and rebuilding cost may have gone up as well. Make sure your home replacement value makes sense in your neighborhood. If you have made major updates or renovations this increases the value of your home. Discuss them with your insurance agent. 

If you have questions about home insurance coverage or any other type of insurance, Pete Webb Agency in Fredericksburg, VA is here to help. 

When should I get auto insurance?

Anyone that lives in Fredericksburg, VA would benefit by owning their own vehicle. When you are a car owner here, you can find that it will be a lot easier for you to get around town and complete all of your daily tasks. Those that are in the market for a vehicle also need to get proper insurance for it. There are several situations when someone should get an auto insurance policy.

When Looking to Drive on Public Road

You will first want to get auto insurance if you want to drive your car on a public road. People in Virginia will need to comply with the state-mandated liability insurance laws. If you do not have at least this minimum level of coverage, you will be out of compliance with state law. Due to this, you should make sure that you get appropriate insurance that will meet your needs. 

When Taking out an Auto Loan

Another scenario when you should get auto insurance is when you are going to take out an auto loan. Anyone that has taken out a loan to buy a car will have specific insurance requirements. It is important that you get an insurance policy that meets your requirements. This coverage often will include having collision and comprehensive protection. 

When you purchase a car in Fredericksburg, VA you undoubtedly will need to have auto insurance coverage. Those that look for this protection can find that there are a lot of options to choose from, which can make picking a policy confusing. Due to this, you should speak with the Pete Webb Agency. The team of insurance professionals at the Pete Webb Agency can help you assess all of your individual risks and needs and choose an appropriate policy. 

4 Benefits of Getting Classic Car Insurance

If you own a classic vehicle, you know that there are some unique circumstances that go along with your ownership. For one, you’ll need to have a specific type of insurance since your average auto insurance policies just won’t cut it. Pete Webb Agency of the Fredericksburg, VA area can help you get this situated.

Benefits of Having Classic Car Insurance

One of the top benefits of getting classic car insurance is that you’ll have liability coverage. All states require a minimum of this type of insurance if you’ll be driving the vehicle. When you have this, you’ll be covered if you’re found to be at fault in an accident.

With this insurance, you can preserve your automobile’s value. Upon signing up for classic car insurance, you agree on a replacement value for the vehicle. This is unlike what you have with regular auto insurance. You’ll be able to protect its unique value which in some cases may be substantial.

There are optional coverage options that are available to you when you have a classic vehicle. You may get coverage for spare parts, special repair parts coverage, roadside assistance, event-specific coverage which includes the cost of traveling,

Bring your classic car to shows all you want with the protection of a solid insurance policy. Your mind should be more at ease since you’ll know that those out-of-the-ordinary circumstances are considered in your auto policy.

Expertise and professionalism go a long way towards instilling confidence in an insurance customer. The Pete Webb Agency of the Fredericksburg, VA area and beyond does well to assist you with your classic car insurance needs along with a variety of other insurance products. Contact us to learn more today.

Avoid Driving Distractions on the Road

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 2,841 individuals died from distracted driving in 2018. It’s up to everyone to try to keep the roads a little safer when driving and one way you can help is to avoid driving distracted. The Pete Webb Agency would like to share a few tips for you when driving in Fredericksburg, VA.

  • Cellphone. Using your phone to read emails, text, or watch videos might only take your eyes off of the road for a few seconds, but during that time a child could run into the street or another car could swerve into your lane. Wait until you get where you’re going before using your cellphone.
  • Passengers. It’s typical to want to look at a person when you’re having a conversation. When you have passengers in your vehicle, just remember that they know what you look like. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road to talk to them. Little passengers can be big distractions too. Give them something to play with during the ride or play a game of I Spy.
  • Eating. Unwrapping that hamburger and reaching for some fries can be satisfying, but it’s also a distraction. You can’t always find the bag, or you want to add ketchup to your meal, either way, you’ll have to take your eyes off the road to eat. Seconds could mean an accident and getting into an accident over a French fry seems like a foolish risk. Leave earlier and eat at the restaurant or wait to eat later.

Get in touch with the Pete Webb Agency in Fredericksburg, VA. They have insurance agent that can get you started with an auto insurance policy. While you’re there check out home and life insurance too.