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Virginia Commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in Virginia

Find Commercial Insurance for Your Business

If you own a business in the state of Virginia, it is time to consider a commercial insurance policy. At Pete Webb Agency, we understand the importance of commercial insurance for businesses and proudly serve the Fredericksburg, VA area.

General Liability

Any business with a desire to protect their investment in the state of Virginia should cover themselves with general liability. Should an accident happen on your business property and a claim filed, your business will be covered and saved from out of pocket expenses.


A business owner's policy covers liability for the business but also includes other situations such as business interruption and property coverage. Business interruption coverage refers to any time period where the business suffered an inability to operate and creates revenue due to unforeseen circumstances. Property coverage under this claim allows any damages to the furniture or equipment associated with your business to be covered under events such as fire, theft, or vandalism.

Commercial Auto

A commercial auto policy offers coverage to multiple vehicles associated with the business and can also cover trucks and trailers used for hauling products. Because these vehicles are used more frequently than personal cars, they should be covered with a specialty commercial policy to award coverage where a personal auto insurance policy of you or the driver will not. If an employee becomes liable in an accident while driving a work vehicle, you could be responsible for any bills and settlements associated with the accident without coverage.

Commercial Property

A policy covering commercial property is similar to the home insurance policy. The structure and any possessions affiliated with the business on the property are covered in the event of an accident or theft. Just like personal property, commercial property is subjected to just as much risk or more of an accident than a private residence. Customers and other public citizens have more access to these areas, increasing the risk.

Commercial Umbrella

Umbrella insurance, in general, is the second layer of coverage for liability. Like the personal umbrella policy, commercial umbrella insurance covers your business when you have exhausted your liability coverage and reached your ceiling on one or more policies.

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If you own a business in or around the Fredericksburg, VA area, contact Pete Webb Agency today for your next commercial insurance policy.


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